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Your kindness is not a weakness. It packs a punch. This enamel pin is perfect for people who want the world to know you wield your kindness like a weapon in the face of a world that's actively unkind. Stay Weird, Be Kind's founder, Ace, has "swbk" tattooed on her knuckles, which inspired the design! This pin is ready for you to wear on your favorite jacket, bag, scarf, wheelchair - or wherever else you can imagine pinning it!


This pin measures 1.25" long and 5" high. The blue on the knuckles will be printed with transluscent enamel, and the pin is stopped with a rubber pinback. 


This is a PRE-ORDER - this order will not be printed until a minimum of 30 pre-orders are met. 

#SWBK Pack a Punch Enamel Pin Preorder

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