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My friend Marina died unexpectedly after a brief but brutal bout with cancer in 2018. Her death came quickly and unexpectedly, and though she was surrounded by friends at the end, there's nothing we wanted more than to have her back instead of gone. I sat down on a chilly December evening and sketched out the design for this print: calla lilies, a gravestone, the skull, and the nocturnal fox are all considered symbols of death, and as I carved the fox looking over its shoulder, I imagined Marina had somehow brought this image to life through my hands as a way to say goodbye. 


Approximately 9" x 12", hand-printed on unbleached mulberry paper, signed, and numbered, this print is a gentle (but not so subtle) reminder of the transient nature of life. 


Each print is signed and dated. Due to the nature of the linocut process, each piece of art is unique and variable.



December Vulpe

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