lives and works in sunny south Florida. They — yes, the singular they — live with their veterinarian husband, Derek, and a pack of dogs, cats, fish, and plants. They’ve worked as both a mortician and a Silicon Valley tech writer, but made the move to freelance writer, artist, consultant, and photographer at Stay Weird, Be Kind Studios in 2017. They also co-own Harper’s Promise, an in-home veterinary practice focused on end-of-life hospice, palliative, and euthanasia care, with their husband. 


They exist with a veritable plethora of chronic illnesses, but the Big Bad is hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (with surprise guest appearances from endometriosis, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, carpal tunnel, and arthritis, to name a few). They’re an ambulatory wheelchair user, which means some days they’re on wheels and some days they’re on two feet. They’re a staunch defender of disability justice and believe disability affects every aspect of their life.


When not volunteering with Crisis Text Line or reading — preferably somewhere near the ocean! — they’re probably tweeting or getting tattooed. 

Photo by Eler de Grey

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